An award-winning investment and trading firm headquartered in New York City, Banc De Binary provides financial services to more than 20,000 clients in over 80 countries around the world. Banc De Binary combines an advanced digital trading platform with a team of notable authorities in the fields of technology, commercial and retail banking, investments, trading, and brokerage. Banc De Binary recently received recognition from Moat and Bailey, Inc., and Binary Options Daily for its highly effective binary trading platform and assets.

Binary options such as those made available by Banc De Binary offer investors a unique opportunity to invest in an option. This investment does not constitute ownership of the security; instead, it allows investors the opportunity to determine whether they wish to place a call or put option on the security during a predetermined period of time. If the value of the asset expires above its strike price, or initial value, on a call option, the investor receives a return on the investment because he is “in the money.” However, if the binary option falls below strike price, the investor finds himself “out of the money” and gets paid nothing. In a put option, the investor gets paid if the asset expires at a value lower than its strike price but gets nothing if it expires at a value higher than the strike price. Returns on such investments tend to be much higher than those for more conventional securities. With 90 assets presented for binary trade options, Banc De Binary gives traders a wide array of potential investments with a variety of risk and return choices.

Banc De Binary recognizes that traders in other parts of the world use binary options on a regular basis; the tool has been available to them for many years. However, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission approved binary options just three years ago. As such, Banc De Binary understands that many American traders lack familiarity with the product. To help traders and investors gain understanding about binary options, Banc De Binary offers prospective clients the opportunity to use a practice account for a period of time before making actual investments.

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